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One Pump Chump Series Release: Hatch Roasted Chile Sauce

  We decided to do something different thing go around with our newest hot sauce release! Until now, Sean and I here at Down To Ferment have only made sauces that you can get year-round. The primary reason for this is that all of you out there can get your favorite sauces anytime. In doing this, we kept a ton of seasonal peppers and ingredients off the table - but F that! We are proud to present our new limited-run white-label series called One Pump Chumps. The first entry into this series is a Roasted Hatch Chile Sauce. We wanted to do hatch chile season justice so we char-roasted them for your tasting pleasure while they were still in season. After a 30-day...

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All About Garlic pt 2

So last time, we covered fermenting Garlic in a brine. This time we're going to cover fermenting garlic in honey. Honey aging/fermentation has been around for quite a while. And you can actually ferment many different things in honey, not just garlic. Why are we fermenting honey in garlic? The insane taste. There’s a depth and richness to it that will blow you away. To get those amazing flavors, you need to have only one thing: Patience. Unlike normal Lacto fermentation, this type of fermentation doesn’t really start to develop those aromas and flavors till at minimum the 6th-month mark. Like a fine wine or a good scotch, the longer the better. Fermented garlic honey is probably one of the easiest ferments you...

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All About Garlic (part 1)

If someone was to ask me my favorite ingredients in the kitchen, I would usually always respond with salt and pepper. Because you can’t have good food without both of those. However, an extremely close third Item on the list would have to be garlic. I don’t know if I have a secret Italian heritage running through my veins or not, but whatever it is, I simply cannot cook without garlic. Roasted, confit, fermented, sauteed, etc. it is all about garlic for me. I can eat it any and all ways. As a chef my entire working career, I’ve always looked for ways to take my cooking and flavors to the next level.  The original conception for our Ooo-mami Bomb...

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1 Year Jerkiversary: New Hot Sauce Release

Our limited release, 1-year anniversary hot sauce - Jerkiversary! Our hottest sauce ever, utilizing the power of the Moruga Scorpion Pepper and all the Caribbean flavor of a Jerk style sauce with a very special twist - we lovingly fermented garlic in honey at the end of 2020 and used it as the sweet component to perfectly balance this sauce.

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