About Us


Our focus at Down To Ferment is on quality ingredients, ancient fermentation techniques, and always making our products entirely from scratch. Most hot sauces are thrown together with vinegar and peppers, then cooked/bottled. Our hot sauces are comprised of a majority of personally fermented ingredients and combined with our own kombucha (in place of vinegar) to give a more balanced flavor profile. From start to finish, a single bottle takes over a month to create.

Our focus is flavor first. The industry standard is to focus on the extreme heat and basic flavor profiles of vinegar and spice. Down to Ferment sauces are specifically designed to give a unique flavor profile that will enhance your food experiences.

We like to indulge the everyday person who likes extra spice and flavor added to their meals. These sauces are approachable; even our hottest flavor can be enjoyed by a hot sauce novice. We do not use any artificial preservatives or chemicals and rely on the ancient practices of food preservation: fermentation.


Owners - Sean Kirkpatrick & Ryan Minor

Sean has been cooking professionally all of his adult life. Discovering that passion early on in adulthood was a very lucky break, and allowed him to focus his attention on developing his craft. He has been an Executive Chef, Food and Beverage Manager, and Culinary Director. It got to the point where he couldn't do the corporate cooking culture anymore and needed to remind himself of why he fell in love with cooking in the first place; to exercise my creativity, and spread joy through food. 

Ryan has a background in web development and is a veteran of the food service industry. He has been involved upscale wine parlors, craft cocktail bars, hospitals, nightclubs, a dive bar or two, and even fine dining making dirty martinis for your grandmother. With his background in computer science from Northwestern University, he also helps with daily online business and maintenance.


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