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Flavor Over Everything!

That's What Shishito Said won 1st place for Best Asian Style sauce this year!

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That's What Shishito Said, 1st Place Screaming Mimi award winner
Scovie award winner Ghosted - San Diego Hot Sauce Down To Ferment

Also: Ghosted, our Thai taco sauce won 3rd place in the XXX-unique category!

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Tired of hot sauces that are all heat or vinegar flavor with nothing to back it up? Ditch the one pump chumps and get DTF for some of the best sauce you’ve ever put in your mouth.

Vegan - Gluten free - Fermented - Zero Vinegar - Low sodium

Not your average sauce.

Our hot sauce is different from most. As cliché as it may be, it’s true. Our sauce has zero vinegar in it. Unlike a lot of the hot sauces you see on the shelf at the store, we wanted to be different in some way. Vinegar can be overpowering to the actual flavor of the pepper and everything else in it. In our research, there are very few sauces that can truly capture the flavor of the pepper or are just spicy for the gimmick of it.

Flavor first is our top concern. Our sauce is fermented for over a month, and during that time it matures in flavor. We utilize our own batch of brewed kombucha in all our sauces, that we feel balances the flavor profiles better than vinegar. Not only that, but we can truly call our sauce completely homemade. And we are proud of that.

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