Why fermented foods?

    Fermentation is an ancient food preservation practice. Using salt in lacto-fermentation, the food creates its own natural acid (lactic acid) which adds another layer of flavor while also preserving it. Kombucha uses a different type of fermentation, in which it produces acetic acid. Not only do we not need to add any preservatives to our product for shelf life, our flavors have a lot more depth to them.

    How long does the fermentation last?

    Short answer, a long time. The acid and salt acts as a long term preservation. Different vegetables have their own expiry time, but a good ferment can last 6 months to a year or more. Some ferments are even left to age for several years before eating!

    Should I refrigerate my hot sauce?

    We recommend yes, to maintain the quality of it for a longer period. Our hot sauce should maintain its quality within 1 year in the fridge, after you open it. If you leave it out one drunken night of late night tacos however, fear not as it is perfectly safe on the counter. If you leave the sauces out on the counter you may encounter color and slight flavor changes due to oxidation, but nothing where it would affect your health.

    Is this shit vegan?

    Damn skippy. And Gluten Free. So you can rest easy.

    What is the fermentation process like?

    Patience is required for fermenting foods. Most ferments have an “active” stage that produces lots of CO2 build up. Usually that ends around 20 days and the product goes into a much slower fermentation process, where the food is essentially maturing in its brine.

    What other products are you planning to sell?

    So MANY things in our daily lives are fermented. The short-term goal for us is to get into kimchee and sauerkraut, and fermented mustard. Long term, the possibilities are endless.

    How long will shipping take?

    After it ships, 3-5 days is the usual wait time within the US. Currently we do not have any international shipping available. If you don't live in the US and you MUST get your hands on this sauce, then email us and we can work with you on shipping.

    I'd like to carry this product in my shop/store, Do you have a wholesale program?

    Yes we do! Please send us an email at info@down2ferment.com with your inquiry and potential order amount and we will send your our pricing.