Cherry Poppins: New Hot Sauce Release


Introducing, Cherry Poppins! A mild hot sauce made for your pulled pork and turkey, but also for ice cream & cheesecake!

If you know us, we like to do things our way and not in the basic structure of hot sauce that only uses peppers, salt and vinegar. After all, while spice is important, if your food doesn't taste good then what is the point? Enter: our dessert style hot sauce: Cherry Poppins!


Dessert Hot Sauce made by Down To Ferment - San Diego hot sauce. Made with Luxardo Cherry


We set out on a mission to create a sauce that paired well with sweet and savory alike - for both dinner and dessert....because, well...we are lazy and don't want to have to get up for more sauce. For Cherry Poppins, the flavors we settled on were a generous use of dark sweet cherries mixed up with nectarines, apples, and a hint of orange. Then we finished it post-ferment with Luxardo cherries to give this sauce a rich, yet complex flavor. This is our mildest sauce to date and is reminiscent of chamoy. 


Sean Kirkpatrick, owner and Chef for Down To Ferment. San Diego Hot Sauce!


We hope you enjoy it as much as we love daydreaming about what we are going to name our next sauce!

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  • Morning Owl Fine Art Photography

    Wow! I’m so excited to try this!

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