One Pump Chump Series Release: Hatch Roasted Chile Sauce

One Pump Chumps limited release san diego hot sauce


We decided to do something different thing go around with our newest hot sauce release! Until now, Sean and I here at Down To Ferment have only made sauces that you can get year-round. The primary reason for this is that all of you out there can get your favorite sauces anytime. In doing this, we kept a ton of seasonal peppers and ingredients off the table - but F that! We are proud to present our new limited-run white-label series called One Pump Chumps.

The first entry into this series is a Roasted Hatch Chile Sauce. We wanted to do hatch chile season justice so we char-roasted them for your tasting pleasure while they were still in season. After a 30-day ferment we make this into a CHUNKY boy, because we love a good traditional salsa-verde.


Hatch Chile salsa verde on omelette San Diego Hot Sauce fermented

As with all of our sauces, there is no vinegar involved in the making of this fermented hot sauce. The heat on this fermented hot sauce is medium, around a 3/10 if a 10 is true carolina reaper heat. We really want all of the peppers and the natural ingredients to shine through: from the hatch chiles and tomatillos to the lime, cilantro, red onion and garlic! And of course, we added a couple of extra secret spices to the mix.


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