1 Year Jerkiversary: New Hot Sauce Release

When we got closer and closer to realizing we were going to make it a full year in business we wanted to celebrate in the best way we knew how: by making more hot sauce! This isn't just any hot sauce though, this has been a year in the making. Back in January of 2020, I started a large batch of garlic fermented honey. I originally planned it as Christmas presents to give out to people, but decided against it later on and instead hogged all the beautiful black gold for myself. As it ages, the color becomes much darker, the viscosity of it loosens up, and the aroma/flavor becomes incredibly DEEP. So what better thing to do with it than turn it into an awesome sauce?


For this sauce, we wanted to do a limited run (480 bottles total) and give what a lot of our customers have been asking for: More heat. Heat and flavor are always a delicate balance, and our culture and mission are primarily focused on "Flavor Over Everything". As you add more heat and capsaicin, it can overpower the actual flavors of a sauce (for the normal people who don't chug reaper sauce) so we used the Trinidad Scorpion pepper and turned it up to 11.



But again, it can't just be all heat. So what is something that is usually incredibly spicy yet very flavorful? Jerk! No not you, the sauce. Caribbean Jerk sauce. The spices and aromas of that classic sauce pair so well with heat and depth. It is the perfect marriage for the ultra-spicy scorpion pepper and the rich flavor of the garlic fermented honey. Don't be fooled though, the honey doesn't make it sweet. It balances it perfectly. So check it out - our 1 Year Jerkiversary Hot Sauce!

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  • Pete Jackson

    This Is Hands Down The Best Hot Sauce I Have Had! On Scale Of 10-1 It’s A Solid 12!

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