Smokin' Hot Rub - Down To Ferment San Diego's Finest Hot Sauce dry rub. Wings, Ribs, Mac and Cheese
Smokin' Hot Rub - BBQ or smoke chicken wings Down To Ferment San Diego CA
Smokin' Hot Rub - juicy grilled brisket. Down To Ferment San Diego Store

Smokin’ Hot Rub

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Break out the BBQ! This is Smokin' Hot Date in rub format. We take our fermented pepper mash and dehydrate it to make this spicy, smoky rub fit for your prime quality meats. Throw some on your pork butt, give a little extra seasoning to your bland chicken, or throw this on some brisket for a prime smoky crust that will make your neighbor jealous.

It's not just good for meats though! add a little spicy smokiness to that Mac or Potato salad. Toss it in some fresh fries for an unbelievable flavor. Possibilities are endless.

Low sodium and low sugar content!


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