Smokin' Hot Rub: New Dry Rub Release

Smokin' Hot Rub - Down To Ferment San Diego Hot Sauce

 As we grew to love the flavor and versatility of one of our best-selling sauces, Smokin’ Hot Date, we realized that it would make a pretty mean addition as a Dry Rub to a classic BBQ kit. Upon opening the bucket after 45 days of fermentation, you get hit with an intense and deliciously smoky, spicy, and tangy aroma. We dehydrated all of these bold flavors, added some extra love and spices to it, and now present to you - Smokin’ Hot Rub.


Smokin' Hot Rub - Down To Ferment San Diego small batch craft dry rub

A lot of sauce producers have a form of waste in their sauces as they press and strain the pulp and seeds out. They take those leftovers and dehydrate them into powders and sell them as spice rubs. Thankfully, we don’t have that as we blend every aspect of our sauce into itself and give you the full flavor. However, Smokin’ Hot Date is so powerful in flavor, we HAD to test it out as a dry rub. And by god is it good. We ferment and set aside extra mash specifically for Smokin’ Hot Rub. Smoked pork butt, pork/beef ribs, chicken legs and wings, brisket, etc. It is SUCH a good flavor booster. Don’t even worry about mixing it with things, we handle that for you. We add a bit of light brown sugar and Hungarian Paprika to give you a versatile, all-in-one seasoning blend.

The added flavor of the fermentation sets this spice blend above regular seasoning mixes you get at the store. This blend incorporates, salty, smoky, tangy, and spicy, all in one. With Smokin’ Hot Rub, you literally need to add nothing else to it. We hope you get just as excited about this as we are. We know once you taste it, you’re going to put it on everything - just try not to rub it out too much.



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